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The Power of Placement

I  recently heard about a social experiment where people were shown a string of letters and asked to put the spaces where they thought the spaces belonged. The group of letters looked like: GODISNOWHERE Some people placed the spaces to make out the sentence GOD IS NO WHERE while others organized the letters to read GOD IS NOW HERE This experiment reminds me of the power of perspective. I often forget that true power is not so much in the soup of letters life has put in front of me, it’s in how I arrange them. My dear mentor constantly reminds me to “look through appearances to the truth”- Truth with a capital T. When the fearful, anxious part of me wants to run around screaming “God is no where!!” like my hair is on fire, if I can quiet down just enough I can access the part that quietly knows “God is now here”- even in the midst of seeming chaos. Whatever a person’s beliefs, a switch up of letter spacing has transformational power. This power transcends even the most